The Castaño Song for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Download the song, video and lyrics to support the Corolla wild horses!

August 25, 2020
kat simons

"As with most organizations and particularly non-profits, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund continues to meet the financial challenges of the ongoing pandemic crisis. With all facilities closed to the public and all events for the time being cancelled, we continue to find new ways to endure in these difficult times."

"We are very lucky to have been given a wonderful song. Castaño is a song that captures the spirit and the significance of the Corolla wild horses. We feel this song will give hope and used as the basis of our fundraiser, will help us meet our goals.

The song, video and lyrics are available as a download for $5. Supporters will be given an opportunity to donate more. Your donation will help us continue our crucial work. Thank you for your support!"

For more information, please click here!

Janet is a singer from Richmond and is a dear friend of mine. Please consider making a donation if you can! It's only $5 and it goes a long way!