Richmond Animal Care & Control's Cow Calf Update

June 30, 2020
kat simons

I am such a #GratefulKat for our city shelter! Richmond Animal Care & Control has had such a whirlwind of a year but they've handled each and every situation with utmost grace and sincerity!

"Just in case you needed a little smile today! Our baby calf Bella was released from the vet last night and is in foster care with Buttercup’s family! It’s our secret hope they will keep her forever and then we can watch the adventures of Buttercup & Bella. Bella is still very young, skinny and weak but we are hopeful she will get big and strong being showered with love and proper cow care! ❤️--❤️ Thank you, again, to our incredible RACC FB team for your support as we work hard to save the lives of every pet in need. #weareyourcityshelter #buttercupandbella"