RAL Needs Your Help to Foster Kittens!

They're hosting a series of kitten foster classes if you're interested!

April 4, 2019

They're hosting a series of kitten foster classes if you're interested!

Thousands of kittens will enter shelters though out Virginia this kitten season. The sheer number of
homeless kittens with and without mothers will overwhelm many shelters. With their fragile immune
systems and labor-intensive care and socialization needs, kittens are the most vulnerable of all
shelter residents. 

RAL’s main goal is to be a safety net to animal control agencies, and Kitten Season is no exception.
During kitten season, RAL will pull over 600 kittens from animal control partners in Central Virginia.
And fosters are a critical part of this life-saving equation. These vulnerable babies, many of whom will
be under 8 weeks of age, need to go into foster homes. RAL has a small shelter, and foster homes are
the only way for RAL to expand space and make room of at-risk kittens.

And RAL needs you! If you’ve ever thought about providing a safe space and a good start at life to
kittens, this is the time when you’re the most needed.

RAL will host 4 Kitten Foster Classes that are free and open to the public. Space is limited – please
sign up by emailing Ciera Jenkins at ciera@ral.org. Classes will cover the basics of caring for kittens of
varying ages (newborn to teenage) and what fosters can expect, as well as time for questions. Classes
will run about one hour. Kids 13-17 who are interested in fostering with a parent are more than
welcome to come and learn about fostering cats – fostering is a great way to get the whole family

Kitten Foster Class Schedule:
April 6 th 11am -12 pm
April 17 th 6-7 PM
April 22 nd 6-7 PM
May 11 th 10-11 AM

For more information, head on over to Richmond Animal League's Facebook!