Please help Lilo with her medical journey!

December 21, 2020
kat simons

"The beginning of December of 2020,  we noticed Lilo was acting out of character. As many know Lilo, she’s always been that happy go lucky,  playful,  and active pup.  After a few days her conditions progressively got worse.  Lilo didn’t eat(which eating has always been her favorite past time.) She couldn’t move without crying out in pain, and she wasn’t the Lilo we’ve all grown to love so dearly. After her first vet visit, we were told 3 different things that could be causing her to be this way.  After weeks of back and forth vet visits, X-rays, and medical bills adding up- we finally got clearance to take her to a neurologist for a MRI. After the MRI results came back, we found out Lilo has Intervertebral Disc Herniation. The neurologist explained that the center of the spine cracked through the outer shell causing the liquid center to press against her nerves causing partial loss of motor functions and extreme pain. The invasive procedure to help fix this problem has included having an incision made and going in through the neck and drilling out the growing mass helping alleviate the pressure that has been making her life to be full of pain. Catching this early was very important in order to avoid any possible spinal damage that would cause her a lifetime of problems and even possible paralysis.  With the hardships of Lilo’s dad being partially laid off and the complications of this pandemic, we really need help to have a full, healthy recovery for our sweet girl. Any amount helps us tremendously. Thank you so much in advance!"

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