Ozzy the Clydesdale Needs Our Help!

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June 13, 2018

Ozymandias (we call him Oz or Ozzy).  My family are avid animal lovers and horse people, and we currently have 3 older hunting hounds we adopted from the Richmond SPCA and a Shetland pony that we rescued from a back yard.  I purchased Ozzy because he needed and good home and 5 days later discovered that he had an infection in the bone in his foot. The choices we had were to put him down, or send him to the equine hospital for a cutting edge operation, including using sterile maggots to eat away the dead and necrotic flesh deep in the hoof.  What was supposed to be a single surgery and 2-3 weeks of care became 3 different surgeries on both hooves and 4 rounds of maggots, and a huge bill. He is home and recovering, but the bill is huge.

He is a giant puppy dog. Very kind and gentle, and anyone who sees him or meets him falls in love with him. The vets, Virginia Equine PLLC, worked day and night to stop the infection.  It is thanks to them that he has the chance to heal and have a normal life.

The fundraiser is here: www.youcaring.com/ozzytheclyde

and he has a facebook page called The Land of Oz, which is here:  https://www.facebook.com/OzzyTheClyde/

He has a ton of pictures there, including pictures of his hooves so people can see what he is recovering from.