Most Haunted Places in Richmond

For me, the most haunted place in Richmond is my house!

October 21, 2019

For me, the most haunted place in Richmond is my house!

As Halloween creeps closer, I wanted to get more into the Halloween spirit! So, let's take a look at the most haunted places in the 804, and perhaps even your backyard...

1. Altria Theater

The Altria Theater, originally given the name The Mosque Theater, was built almost 100 years ago. The spirits that linger are mostly theater related, being actors, crew members, and guests.

2. Byrd Theater

Down the street, we have The Byrd Theater! Built in 1928, again, almost 100 years ago, is said to be haunted to this day. The former manager, Mr. Coulter, has been seen all over the theater, but his favorite spot / most commonly seen spot is the balcony.

There have also been reports of a little girl playing in the women's bathroom...

3. Edgar Allen Poe Museum

About to celebrate it's 100th birthday in 2022, the museum dedicated to Mr. Poe himself was built in 1922. When visitors take pictures at this museum, sometimes two little blonde kids will show up in photos from time to time.

Additionally, a dark figure believed to be Poe himself has been seen near the walking stick and his wife's hand mirror. He also likes to take strolls around the halls and gardens.

4. Masonic Lodge in Shockoe Bottom

This is actually one of the oldest buildings built in Richmond itself. Racking up over 200 years of existence, the house was built in 1787. Multiple spirts have been sighted at this courthouse, ballroom, and hospital.

5. Original Julep's Restaurant

This restaurant looks harmless, right? Apparently not! Built in 1817, 202 years ago, there's obviously a lot of history that goes into these buildings. There was a man who was shot by the owner, and now a particularly cold spot lingers near the bathrooms. Guests have also stated that they hear sounds of falling near the bathrooms...

6. Pohlig Box Factory

This was originally used as a tobacco company in 1853, but was transformed into a hospital for the Civil War, then eventually became a box factory in 1909... Think about all of the things that could've lingered after three repurposes.

7. Virginia State Capitol

Okay, I felt like this one was one of the obvious ones. This was built in 1788. Sheesh! Apparently, most of the activity is located in the basement levels. Paintings have moved, lights not turning off, and cold air blasting in the basement... No one has 100% confirmed if they've seen any apparations, though...

8. Patrick Henry's Pub

This building was built in 1850. Apparently the ghost of a child lives upstairs, after the child witnessed Richmond on fire after the Civil War.

9. Pump House at Byrd Park

Spooky things are always happening at Byrd Park, apparently! The building served as the primary city's waterworks from 1883 to 1924, a man hung himself in the house itself, and people have said they see a female spirit who appears in the form of a glowing orb of light.

10. Hollywood Cemetary

Duh! I saved the most obvious for last! Rumor has it that the Richmond Vampire dwells here to this day, he has been seen at the Church Hill Tunnels, Church Hill, and the railroads... Supposedly, the vampire was run out of England in the 1800's and moved to Virginia as his new permant residence. Because the Hollywood Cemetary is located across from VCU, it became a staple in student culture about his presence...

Do you believe any of these? I know I do! Either way, I hope you had a fun read, and I hope you know just a little bit more about Richmond than before! I love the 804, and I love all of the history and mystery that it provides as well!

Thank you to 12 About Town for the list of the most haunted places in Richmond!