Midas of Richmond Offers Reward for Random Acts of Kindness

I am such a #GratefulKat!

May 21, 2020
kat simons

I am such a #GratefulKat!

For the whole month of June, Midas of Richmond will be rewarding 30 acts of kindness around Richmond. The owner of Midas of Richmond, Mark Smith, thinks the world could be a brighter place, especially in a grim setting.

All you have to do is email them and they will give you oil changes for a whole year! That's four oil changes! If you want to participate, check out the information below:

“The whole month of June I want Richmond to go do what Richmond is so good at doing, and that’s creating the power of possible,” said Smith. “If we get 1,000 people to opt-in and do this in the month of June - 30,000 new random acts of kindness will happen.”