Maymont Drive Through Herb Sale

In honor of Earth Day, Maymont wants to beautify our world a little bit more!

April 22, 2020
kat simons

In honor of Earth Day, Maymont wants to beautify our world a little bit more!

It's the 50th Earth Day celebration!

To celebrate, I wanted to make some big changes when it came to my garden and how I wanted to appreciate the Earth more! So, I was looking up on the National Wildlife Federation on how to attract more butterflies to my garden, and then I figured, what if I just made a whole butterfly garden!

Here are some bare necessities to know about your garden:

  • Plant native flowering plants
  • Plant type and color is important
  • Plant good nectar sources in the sun
  • Plant for continuous bloom
  • Say no to insecticides
  • Feed butterfly caterpillars
  • Provide a place for butterflies to rest
  • Give them a place for puddling

If you want even more tips, please visit the National Wildlife Federation!

And another thing our local community is doing in light of both recent events and Earth Day, is that Maymont Park is having a drive-thru herb sale! For more information on that, please click here!

kat simons

More than 2,000 Plants
35 Types of Herbs
First Come, First Served

$3 each, min purchase $15

How it works:
Download, print and complete your order form:
(Forms also will be available on-site.)
Drive through formal Magnolia gates, north of the parking lot on Hampton Street.
Your order will be fulfilled onsite and placed in your trunk.
Payment via credit card only; no cash or checks accepted.

Proper social distancing guidelines will be followed, and touchpoints will be sanitized between sales.

All proceeds benefit Maymont.