Hope for Dylan

July 27, 2020
kat simons

It all started with a stomach ache on July 11th and now 6 year old Dylan is in the pediatric ICU with kidney failure from a bacterial infection. He has required daily dialysis, blood transfusions and even assistance breathing. We remain hopeful as he continues to fight! 

kat simons

Dylan is a smart and energetic little boy who can’t wait to start first grade!  He loves drawing, Minecraft and enjoys soccer and swimming with friends. The nurses have commented on how polite and brave he has been, surrounded by medical staff while missing his family, friends and little sister Kalyn.

Throughout Dylan’s struggle and amidst the pandemic only one parent has been allowed in his hospital room at any given time. Dylan’s mother Kelly has been sleeping by his bedside overnight at the hospital and heading straight to work during the day to maintain the family's health benefits in a job she recently started. Dylan's father Chris has been struggling to maintain his small business during the pandemic while juggling caring for little sister Kalyn and trying to spend as much time by Dylan’s bedside as possible.

Please join us in thought, in prayer and to share Dylan's story as we try to support him and his family on the road to recovery. Thank you!

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