GRTC Casting Call!

August 28, 2018

They want YOU to join the fun!

GRTC’s next round of marketing is about to kick off with the service expansions and enhancements taking effect September 16.

They provide snacks and a sit-down lunch for all volunteers, but the bragging rights to your friends are all yours!

You can watch some of our recent marketing pieces featuring volunteers, bus riders and GRTC employees here:

They are looking for volunteers to participate in the following opportunities:

  • TV Commercial #1 – Wed, Sept 5 (back-up rain day is Sept 6) from 7:30AM-5PM
  • TV Commercial #2 – Fri, Sept 7 (back-up rain day is Sept 10) from 7:30AM-5PM
  • Photography Day 1 – Thur, Sept 13 (back-up rain day is Sept 14) from 7:30AM-5PM
  • Photography Day 2 – Mon, Sept 17 (back-up rain day is Sept 18) from 9:30AM-4PM

They are looking for all demographics, ages 7 and up. Feel free to bring friends or relatives who are also interested in participating.

If you are interested in participating, please send an email to:!