#FillTheTrailer at Champion Saddlery to Donate Items to Victims of Hurricane Florence

Let's #FillTheTrailer!

October 3, 2018

"Last year we pulled together as a community and had huge impacts on the people of south Texas lives as they rebuilt their flood ravaged homes. Thank you all again for everything ! --

This year we're collecting donations for the Carolina's ! These people experienced very similar flooding and are in need.

There is a semi trailer staged at CHAMPION SADDLERY in doswell Virginia that has lots of room we are hoping to get filled and on the road asap !

Things needed:

Non perishable foods
Animal food
Animal first aid (thrush buster fly spay ect)
Cleaning supplies
Baby products
Hygiene products
Building supplies
Tarps, trash bags, buckets
New Clothing / Shoes with tags

All donations are extremely appreciated however please keep in mind this is not a GoodWill truck something new & clean can make a big difference for these people that have lost everything --