Feed the Flying Reindeer at Short Pump

December 6, 2019
promotional event

Richmonders should ditch the carrots this holiday season and head over to Short Pump Mall on December 7 from 10am to 8pm at Santa’s Workshop at Short Pump Town Center (Upper Level near L.L. Bean) to stock up on the magical fuel that Santa’s reindeer need to make it through their gift-giving marathon. Santa shouldn’t be the only one to get all of the good treats this Christmas!

The folks over at Purina know a thing or two about giving animals the nutrients they need–and reindeer are no exception. And this year, they’ve engineered five special blends to stock the first ever Reindeer Feed Vending Machine to help Santa’s dream team soar higher, recover faster and be that much quieter so your little ones can get their best night’s sleep and wake up to a magical Christmas morning. Kids will fill out their Christmas List and insert it into the vending machine to select their magical feed of choice. These power-packed blends include:

  • Flying Take-Off Feed - Injected with an exotic mixture of Yuletide zing for an instant kick of fantastic flying power. Especially good when you have a small yard to take off from.
  • Landing Feed - Supplemented with a brew of mystic herbs for enhanced balancing capabilities and leg stability for the slipperiest of roofs.
  •  Snow Storm Feed - Fortified with magical pixie powder to boost flying strength when the storm rages.
  • Flight Recovery Feed - A concentrated blend of replenishing nutrients and eggnog to promote complete muscle recovery.
  • Hush Feed - Enriched with a mix of silencing seasoning to magically reduce hoof noise for quieter landings. Especially helpful on metal roofs.

For those who can’t take advantage of the grab ‘n’ go feed at Short Pump Mall, you’re still in luck! Kids, parents, teachers, elves and any other reindeer enthusiasts can download and print out their own DIY Reindeer feed box and then get to cooking some Reindeer treats to fill those boxes. Not a friend of the kitchen? No worries. You can also stock up on a bag of Purina’s AntlerMax® feed but, keep in mind, a little goes a long way with this stuff so share with your friends so they can make their own reindeer feed boxes too.

So, lock down your position on Santa’s Nice List this Christmas by heading over to Short Pump Mall this Saturday and checking out the first ever Reindeer Feed Vending Machine. And when you settle down for bed this Christmas Eve, you can rest easy knowing that you helped Santa’s reindeer reach their full potential.