Conference Call in With Animals from RACC

June 1, 2020
kat simons

"Happy Monday and June 1st to each of you! We can think of no better time to release our RACC pet video conference program to the world. We know that things are hard, and scary and seem out of control. We also know that pets always seem to know when we need a little pick me up and can provide unconditional love and levity to our daily lives. Starting immediately, RACC will provide the opportunity to invite a shelter pet into your virtual life via zoom or Microsoft teams. Having a video chat with your family? Invite a shelter cat. Hosting a strategic meeting with your management team? Invite a shelter dog. Need SOMETHING for your kids to do for a few minutes today? Invite a shelter kitten. Email to get started and let our homeless shelter pets make your day a little bit brighter. --"