Cat Missing for Nine Years Recently Found in Powhatan

You can only imagine what the family's thoughts were when they received the call...

April 21, 2020
kat simons

You can only imagine what the family's thoughts were when they received the call...

"A little happiness for your day ❤️ Just as the community was sheltering in place, Richmond Animal League was reaching out to our animal control partners to find out their needs and see how we could help. When we called Powhatan Animal Control, they asked if we could help by transferring in O’Malley, an older cat who was blind, deaf, asthmatic, and a bit on the skinny side. We believed he was about 10-years-old and we could tell he had been on his own for quite a while. Despite his health issues though, he was such a sweetheart and he had clearly learned to navigate the world without two of his major senses. He wasn’t scared to walk around not knowing where he was going. Smells (and yummy ones at that) were comforting and would help him navigate to where he wanted to go. Needless to say, we found O’Malley to be quite food motivated. After being thoroughly vetted and examined by our vet team, O’Malley was ready to go into a foster home. About a week later, Powhatan Animal Control reached out to us to let us know that a family saw a picture of O’Malley and believed O’Malley may be their missing cat, Oreo.

Oreo had been missing since 2011. When he went missing, his family put up signs, spread the word, and reached out to everyone they could to try and find him. After months and months of searching, they sadly had no luck. Fast forward 9 years later. The family sent us the old lost cat flyers and photos of their missing fur baby, Oreo. The markings, coloring, and everything really were identical. We were amazed! After 9 years of being apart, they had finally found their missing Oreo. Albeit Oreo was now blind and deaf, but his family didn’t care. To them, having Oreo back was all that mattered and they were ready to give him the love he had been missing for so long. Our hearts filled with so much joy being able to reunite this family with their cat after 9 years of being apart. In a time of so much uncertainty, we share this story to remind everyone to stay positive and never give up. You never know what happiness might be waiting for you right around the corner."