Brothers Spent 8 Years Remaking Toy Story 3 With Real Toys

And it looks AMAZING!

June 6, 2019

And it looks AMAZING!

“No...Mike!” | Mr. Mike is one of my favorite background characters. I wonder when Andy gave him up. Which toys do you think Andy let go of first? Or was it all at once?

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They wrote this along with their clip:

"Two brothers (with the support of their awesome family and friends) have been working on a shot-for-shot recreation of Toy Story 3. This project has been an incredible undertaking, and they’ve made the decision to have this complete by September 19, 2019. Finally, a release date! Remember, this is not a studio film, nor is the project in any way backed by Disney/Pixar. With that said, release date is subject to change.

We do not own Toy Story 3. This is simply a project inspired by the incredible film and studio that is Disney-Pixar."