Catalina Car Mixer: Richmond's Drive-In Regatta Concert

May 26, 2020
kat simons

Broadberry Entertainment Group Presents!

The Catalina Car Mixer: Richmond's Drive-In Regatta Concert!
featuring Three Sheets To The Wind | America's #1 tribute to Yacht Rock

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June 13, 2020
at City Stadium Parking Lot (behind Carytown, just off 195)
3201 Maplewood Avenue // Richmond VA 23221
Lot Opens at 7pm / Show is from 8-9:15pm

Parking Map:

Band will be broadcast to your vehicle via FM transmission.

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On Sale: Wednesday May 27 at 12pm at

$99 per vehicle. Tickets are sold per vehicle. Vehicle capacity capped at four quarantine partners, including children. You should ONLY attend this event with people in your immediate quarantine circle.

You MUST remain in your vehicle at all times, except to use the restroom. This is a drive-in concert ------

Additional information regarding directions getting into and out of the lot will be sent via email to the address supplied during your ticket purchase.

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In order to provide the safest and best Drive-In Concert Experience, we require each participant to observe the following rules:

1. If you are sick, running a fever or have been exposed to COVID-19, please stay home until you are healthy.

2. For the safety of yourself and others, you should ONLY attend this event with people in your immediate quarantine circle.

3. Tickets can be purchased online only, there will be no box office onsite.

4. All attendees must arrive within a vehicle that is two axles and holding a maximum of 4 people, including children. No campers, motorcycles, buses, or extremely large vehicles will be admitted. No jeeps without doors or convertibles with tops down. No vehicles towing trailers will be admitted.

5. Absolutely no sitting on your car, standing on your car or exiting the vehicle before, after or during the event. NO LAWN OR CAMPING CHAIRS PERMITTED! NO SITTING IN THE BED OF A PICKUP TRUCK.

6. There is absolutely no leaving your vehicle unless there is an essential need, i.e. bathroom breaks. If you must leave your car to use the restroom - WEAR A MASK.

7. Portable toilets will be available on site. Strict guidelines will be provided to ensure safety and cleanliness. Gloves and sanitizer will be available for use.

8. Absolutely no standing outside of the venue or gatherings on the sidewalks of the venue will be allowed and will be enforced by security.

9. Emergency communication options will be provided both in advance of the event as well as upon arrival to the concert.

10. For the safety of concertgoers directly adjacent to your vehicle, refrain from rolling down your car windows more than two inches from the top.

11. Food can be brought from home and eaten in your vehicle. Please only dispose of trash in proper receptacles or bring all trash back home. Please don’t litter!

12. At the conclusion of the concert, please remain in your parking space until directed by event staff to exit the lot. In the case of an emergency, please remain in your space until directed by event staff. Drive slowly and follow all directions.

13. The parking lot will open one hour prior to the start of the show. We suggest arriving early -- parking is first-come-first serve.

14. All audio will be streamed via FM transmitter. Please make sure to arrive with a working FM radio in your vehicle or you will not be able to listen to the show. Portable boomboxes and stereos are permissible for vehicles without a functional car stereo.

15. Absolutely no alcohol and/or illegal substances will be permitted at the event or inside your vehicle and violators will be held accountable and prosecuted by state and federal law.

16. No pets are allowed.

17. Absolutely no illicit goods, no fireworks, weapons or guns, knives or laser pointers.

18. Drivers caught concealing other persons or items in their vehicle will be turned away or asked to leave without a refund. All vehicles subject to search.

19. Big trucks and SUVS may be directed to the back of the lot so as to not block the sightlines of other concert-goers.

20. No refund requests or ticket transfers will be granted. This event is rain or shine. ☔️☀️

*By purchasing a ticket, you agree to abide by all of the above rules.

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