Baby Bunny Boom at the Richmond Wildlife Center

July 23, 2020
kat simons

We are having a baby bunny boom here at the wildlife center. Currently at 17 Cottontails, all but 5 requiring handfeeding. Most of these Cottontails were either lawn mower victims, cat attacks, or dog attacks.

Cottontail nests can be in the middle of your yard, in your mulch beds, under patios, and many other places close to humans. Mom knows most predators prefer to stay away from humans. So making nests close to humans has become a survival strategy.

Their nests are made in shallow depressions filled with leaf litter, grass clippings and the fur from her abdomen. We encourage you to do a walk around before mowing or letting your dogs out off leash. Cats should always be kept indoors or in an outdoor enclosure, never allowed to roam free but provided with enough enrichment to keep them happy and healthy.

Cottontails use the same general area for nest building repeatedly.