Ashland Theatre After Dark presents Jurassic Park

June 12, 2020
kat simons

While our usual film and music programming has been suspended during the COVID-19 shutdown, we are excited to announce a new Ashland summer tradition: our first drive-in movie experience!

Two shows this weekend: Friday, June 12th & Saturday June 13th, show starts at 8:45 pm. The gates will open for parking as early as 8:00 pm.

The grassy lot behind Ashland Theatre along Robinson Street.

Our inaugural weekend will show Steven Spielberg’s 1993 classic Jurassic Park.

Yes, a small selection of snacks and beverages will be available. Every car will receive a menu upon arrival. Concessions will be ordered and delivered via our friendly carhop service to your car window. We regret we are unable to serve our traditional alcoholic beverages at these shows.

Like all movie theatres, Ashland Theatre relies on our concession sales to help us survive. Because of this, outside food & beverages are NOT permitted. The best way to support us during a show is to munch on some popcorn!

As we are following social distancing guidelines at this time, please note that patrons are asked to remain in their vehicles unless necessary to leave. Please maintain social distancing whenever exiting your vehicle.

To help improve sight lines and create a comfortable atmosphere for all patrons, only small cars are recommended for the front row. Pick-up trucks will only be permitted in the back row. Sedans, compact cars, and small SUVs are parked in the front row (no open hatches). Cars, minivans, pick-up trucks, and large SUVs are parked in the back row. Sitting in truck beds and opening hatchbacks is permitted in the back row only.

Audio will be played via FM transmission. Tune your car radio or a personal portable radio to our local broadcast. Station frequency will be provided before the show.

An ADA-accessible portable toilet is available for use. Per Virginia Phase 2 guidelines, patrons will not be permitted inside the theatre building. Please follow marked guidelines when visiting the restroom.

If you must exit your vehicle, please do not cross in front of the screen or projector.

Well-behaved and quiet pets are permitted, but please remember that they must stay inside your vehicle.

Smoking or vaping is prohibited.

Please wait until the credits are rolling to start your engine and move out. Exits during the show are for emergencies only.

Garbage bins will be available at the end of the evening to dispose of trash.

If listening via your vehicle’s FM radio, a healthy car battery will provide hours of reliable power without dying. If your vehicle requires a jump start at the end of the evening, we are happy to help you give you a jump.

Portable radio to tune into our frequency (or use your car radio)

Credit card or cash for concessions

Bug spray/personal fan

Pillows or blankets to make a cozy viewing area in your car

Your enthusiasm and good cheer!

Tickets are $20 per car. Up to seven people per car load are permitted.

Tickets will go on sale Tuesday, June 9th at 3pm. There are limited spaces available and tickets are first come, first served.

No one with a fever, experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or has had known exposure to COVID-19 in the last 14 days will be permitted.