80 Year Old Man Built Dog Train for Homeless Dogs

He wanted to take them out on adventures, so he did!

August 26, 2019

He wanted to take them out on adventures, so he did!

This is the perfect way to celebrate National Dog Day!

(Story via Just Something):

"80-year-old Eugene Bostick lives on a 3-acre land in East Fort Worth, Texas, with his family. His home is located on a dead-end street with a horse barn and according to Bostick, ever since they lived there, people have dumped dogs in their land and have left strays there to starve or die...

Bostick is a lively and energetic man even in his 80s, but with so many dogs to take care of, he needed some sort of vehicle carry them on to go on trips. He came up with the idea of the train after seeing a guy driving a tractor with carts filled with rocks attached to the it.

The tractor inspired him to use the same concept for the dog train, so he took plastic barrels, cut them, put wheels underneath and tied them together. Since he is a skilled welder, it wasn’t hard for him to bring his idea to life."

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