3-Year-Old Virginia Girl Uses FaceTime to Save Her Father's Life

July 16, 2018

Wow I am a very Grateful Kat for this wonderful hero! This smart girl used her phone to help her father when he had a stroke!

(This article originally appeared on: Romper)

"Molly McCabe, a 3-year-old from Winchester, Virginia, is a hero in her parents' eyes. This 3-year-old used Facetime to save her Dad's life when he suddenly had a stroke, and her mom definitely credits Molly's quick actions for saving her husband. If it weren't for Molly, Trevor McCabe's story could have ended very differently.

Trevor, who is only 27, was at home with Molly on the Fourth of July when he suddenly suffered a stroke, NBC 4 Washington reported. He reportedly "heard a loud humming noise in his ears," and apparently collapsed. Molly must have known something was wrong, because she quickly grabbed Trevor's iPhone and dialed her mom with the Apple video-calling feature FaceTime, The New York Post reported.

“She did a FaceTime call, and she was so brave, and she told me that daddy got sick, and she showed me where daddy was, and so I saw him lying on the ground,” said Molly’s mother, Devon McCabe, according to Yahoo! Lifestyle.

Devon told Romper via email, "She just kept saying 'Daddy, Daddy, look at Daddy' and then turned the phone so that I could see Trevor collapsed on the ground."

Initially, Devon missed the first FaceTime call, The New York Post reported. But the little girl decided to make another call with FaceTime about 15 minutes later, and that time, Devon picked up."

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