2020 Richmond Christmas Mother, Rhonda Harmon

December 9, 2020
kat simons

Rhonda Harmon, the 2020 Richmond Christmas Mother, is urging the community to do more as we face the hardest year in fund history. See video here. The Richmond Christmas Mother Fund (RCMF) receives donations from Richmond Times-Dispatch (RTD) readers and community businesses, and it is building an endowment to help future services. Last year, the program raised more than $335,000. Along with major sponsorships for The Salvation Army and Feed More partners, the Fund also assisted in the missions of over 40 other nonprofits in providing services to thousands of children, adults, seniors, military service members and families, as part of a partnership with The Community Foundation 

“Please know that in this pandemic year, when so many—many, perhaps who were able to give to the Richmond Christmas Mother Fund last year—are unexpectedly finding themselves among the disadvantaged, we can be grateful to the Richmond Times-Dispatch for continuing this vital, 86-year tradition, including covering all of the administrative costs such that 100% of your gifts go directly to meeting our mission of helping those in need,” says Rhonda Harmon, 2020 Richmond Christmas Mother. “I urge you with a heavy heart for our less fortunate neighbors, whose need is greater this year than in any other in the history of the Fund, to please join my family in giving this year to the Richmond Christmas Mother Fund,” she adds.

The Richmond Christmas Mother website is live and accepting donations. For information or to give, please visit RichmondChristmasMother.com.