1 Like = $1 For RAL

Liking a Facebook page is FREE!

November 14, 2018

Liking a Facebook page is FREE! 

We need your help! A generous community supporter loves RAL’s social media (who
doesn’t love having adorable dogs and cats pop up in your news feeds?!) has offered to donate $1 for
every new Instagram (@ralpics) like up to $2,500 – starting today! This is a super easy way to help raise
$2,500 for the dogs and cats at RAL.

$2,500 is a whole lot of cat food, a whole lot of spay & neuter surgeries, a whole lot of hope! What can
that money do? $2,500 could microchip 300 puppies or provide food for all the dogs at RAL for 18
weeks. $2,500 could spay 50 kittens or provide heartworm treatment for 8 dogs. It could provide dental
surgeries for 14 senior animals or 5 days of parvo treatment for puppies. $2,500 could do a lot for the
animals at RAL and we need your help!

2018 has been a busy year for RAL. From January to October this year, a lot of hope has happened:

  •  1,855 pets have been transferred to the safety of RAL – including 62 senior dogs, 18 senior cats, 387 kittens under 8 weeks old and 106 puppies under 8 weeks old
  • 1,752 pets found new homes
  •  RAL’s Loving Spay & Neuter Clinic performed 5,737 spay/neuter surgeries

This promotion is coming at the perfect time – as we gear up for the holidays and our largest adoption
event of the year, we’ll be sharing the photos and stories of many animals in need. By helping us spread
the word about this Instagram promotion, you’re helping animals find love, hope, and homes.

Photos and information about adoptable pets and fostering opportunities can be found online at

Questions and request for additional information should be directed to Kaicee Roberton
Kaicee@ral.org or 804-379-0046 ext 1117.