Man Plays Guitar While Undergoing Brain Surgery

Why surgeons say it was crucial to a successful procedure

December 27, 2018

Brain surgery is scary enough for patients, but can you imagine being aware that it was happening? A South African jazz musician underwent a rare awake craniotomy to remove a tumor. And not only that, Musa Manzini was asked by doctors to play a guitar during the procedure.

In the video, Manzini can be seen plucking the strings of an acoustic guitar with his right hand, while the fingers on his left hand move on and off the frets. As he’s doing this, surgeons are observing what is happening in his brain. Doctors say it helps them minimize damage to key areas while removing as much of the tumor as possible.

“The decision to perform an awake craniotomy rather than one under general anesthesia was motived by (the doctor’s) concern to preserve and restore my finger movements, taking into consideration my career as a musician,” Manzini told IOL.

Doctors say Manzini is recovering and doing well.

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