Huey Lewis and the News Working on New Album

Lewis has been dealing with serious hearing problems

January 22, 2019

Even if you don’t believe in love, you have to believe in Huey Lewis and the News. The best bar band that the 80s ever produced is working on its first new album in 18 years.

“We’re very excited about our new album, and honestly feel that it’s among our best work,” Lewis said in a statement. “We cannot wait to get it out to fans.”

Some of those die hard followers may be surprised by the news, given Lewis’ need to bow out of the band’s most recent tour because of serious hearing issues. As recently as January 7th, Lewis answered a fan question on his website by saying: “I can’t hear enough to sing, so we have no gigs booked. I hope I can get better.”

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Lewis has said that doctors thought he was suffering from Meniere’s disease, which causes vertigo, ringing in the ears and progressive hearing loss.

“Although I can still hear a little, one on one, and on the phone, I can’t hear music well enough to sing,” Lewis said at the time. “The lower frequencies distort violently making it impossible to find pitch. “

It’s not clear how things might have changed for Lewis since then, or how things have been going in the studio, but it’s exciting to know that the band that many discovered in Back to the Future still has a present. The new album is expected to be released this spring.