Don’t Expect An Invitation To Meghan Trainor’s Wedding

Why the singer is eschewing snail mail before the big day

October 15, 2018
Meghan Trainor performs on the NBC Today Show

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Meghan Trainor is narrowing down the date for her wedding. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the singer said it will happen in the winter. That’s all we know. Fallon also offered to marry Trainor and fiancé Daryl Sabara right there in the studio after he got his license.

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We also got some insight into how a pop star plans a wedding, and it doesn’t include mailing out invitations. Trainor says she doesn’t want to pick out a card, and “who checks the mail” anyway?

 “I’m texting people and then I keep accidentally like hanging out with friends and being like, you want to see me get married?,” Trainor told Fallon.  “And then I invited them and I’m like, oh no, why did I invite these people!”

Trainor also talked about meeting Michelle Obama, playing football when she was a kid, and a new song that should be released in a few weeks.