Bradley Cooper "Terrified" to Perform at the Oscars

The actor is preparing for his big moment with Lady Gaga

February 5, 2019
Bradley Cooper at the 91st Oscars Nominees Luncheon

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It’s one thing to play a rock star in a movie, but it’s another to do it live in front of millions of people in real life. Bradley Cooper enjoyed the luxury of multiple takes as Jackson Maine in A Star is Born, but he’ll only have one chance to get “Shallow” right at the Oscars – and that thought has him kind of terrified.

The actor and director will perform the song that is the centerpiece of his hit movie with co-star Lady Gaga during the awards ceremony on February 24th. The two performed it live for the first time when Gaga called Cooper up on-stage during a recent show in Las Vegas, but Cooper didn’t feel much better about it then.

“That was terrifying,” Cooper said. “I just had to like Zen out and just pray that I wasn’t going to ruin her show. She just crushed it for two hours and I thought, please, let me just be on pitch.”

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“Shallow” is nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards. It already won the same award at the Golden Globes. The song ties the love story of a declining rocker and an ascending pop star together with its theme of leaving the past behind and taking a chance on something better.