These Are The Summer Fashion Trends.......And They Are Awful! LOL

We Just Can't Take Any Of Them Seriously

July 19, 2019

The Morning Mix with Wicker and Wilde does not claim to be fashion Guru's.  Just because WE say we can't get into a trend doesn't mean it's not cool but even the Experts are saying these are the worst fashion trends.  And we can't stop laughing long enough to say we agree!  Hahaha.....

Let's start with the assymetrical jeans, bike shorts as clothing, grass shoes and super strange and uncomfortable-looking bikinis.  YUCK! 

Next, guys you're up with the oddest tube top.  You heard us right.  A Tube top for men?  Yes and you can use the rest of the shirt as a crop top.  Please.  Just don't. 

THEN there's THIS!  Granny Pants are Hot?  Oh heck NO.

How about wearing a bikini that looks like someone has their hands around your top.  Yeah. I guess if you're into that sort of thing. 

A bikini with a luggage strap in the front? Oh what could possibly go wrong?! 

And why the devil are Mom jeans back in fashion?  No thank you.