Watch Young Boy Battling Leukemia Receive a Bear With Late Grandfather's Voice

September 18, 2020

An Ohio woman captured the beautiful moment when she handed her son, who is battling leukemia, a teddy bear featuring his late grandfather's voice. The boy lost his grandfather due to coronavirus complications.

Jessica Turpin knew she had to do something when her son, Ryan, was devastated over the loss of his grandpa, Bubba Lou. The two were extremely close and shared a love of high school sporting events, Storyful reports.

"Ryan loves stuffed animals so I decided to make him a custom Build-A-Bear," Turpin told Storyful.

She went to the franchise and made a bear, complete with a squeezable audio message derived from old voicemails she held onto from the grandfather.

"I took some old voicemails that I had on my phone from his grandfather and mashed them together to make a nice recording for Ryan," Turpin said.

She then dressed the bear in apparel similar to what Bubba Lou would wear to a sporting event.

In the video, Ryan can be seen in the midst of cries as he receives the sweet bear. "Thank you, Grandpa. I miss you, Grandpa. I'm always thinking about you," Ryan says as he hugs the bear.

Turpin reads the birth certificate for the bear to her son, noting that the bear was born on the same day that the grandfather passed away, and that the bear is aptly named Bubba Lou. The birth certificate also states that the bear belongs to Ryan.

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