Potty Training is the Latest Trend for Parents in Coronavirus Quarantine

April 26, 2020

Are you potty training your child during the COVID-19 pandemic? You're joining many other parents who are doing the same.

Tiffany Bari told Good Morning America that she wanted to potty train her son before he turned three in May.

She said things got hectic between school, Easter, and weekend plans. Once stay-at-home orders began for the country, she knew it was a smart time to start potty training her son during the coronavirus pandemic.

"I'm the type of person where I procrastinate," she said. "I don't know when I would have started if this didn't happen."

Parents across social media have been home with their toddlers during the pandemic and working to potty train them in their down time. Fellow mother Helena Darwin recently posted to Twitter that she began potty training with her child.

She captioned the post, “#quarantine potty training is going well since the kiddo can just hang out naked all day every day. Turning lemons into lemonade... so to speak... #parenting.”

Michelle D. Swaney, founder of The Potty School, said she expects to hear from more clients about potty training their children. She said her company is in a good spot where people are just starting.

"Then usually they call me about two weeks after they start and they think they should be done but they're not quite done yet,” Swaney said. “It's the calm before the storm. I know it's going to happen."

Swaney said she has heard parents are potty training during this crisis due to limited diaper availability due to pandemic hoarding. She also says financially, parents are struggling during the economic crisis.

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