Pizza Sent Nearly 4,000 People to the ER in 2018

February 7, 2020

Be careful with that slice of pepperoni.

Believe it or not, pizza-related injuries are on the rise and spiked by 50% in 2018, reported the New York Post.

Medical service provider Babylon Health compiled the statistics and found that there were over 3,800 trips to the emergency room at the hands of the cheesy Italian dish. In comparison, 2017 saw 2,300 pizza mishaps.

The sort of injuries included slicing fingers with a pizza cutter, falling down the stairs carrying a box of pizza and stabbing the roof of your mouth with a fork. Further proof, that pizza, as most New Yorkers will attest, is not meant to be eaten with a fork, people!

In one of the more heinous calamities, an overzealous woman actually swallowed her tongue after chowing down on a slice.

All of the incidents were deduced from emergency room departments that featured the word “pizza” in the attending doctors’ notes.

While the report didn’t give a reason for the upswing in the number of accidents, it’s a good reminder to use caution as Sunday is National Pizza Day.

To honor the delicious holiday, Domino’s is offering a take-out deal where all pizzas with three toppings cost just $8.

Also getting in on the action is Pizza Hut, which has extended their Super Bowl Sunday deal by offering their meat lovers large pizza for $10.

So whether you’re ordering a pie to watch the Oscars or just having a slice for lunch, be safe.

Bon appétit!

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