Family builds trick-or-treat candy catapult for Halloween

October 27, 2020

A York County, Pennsylvania family is determined to have a normal Halloween despite COVID-19.

The Mak family has built a catapult that will sling candy from their front yard to trick-or-treaters this weekend, reports Fox 43.

"We thought we could try to come up with a creative way to throw candy at kids safely," Vince Mak, the family's father and chief candy-pult engineer, told the outlet.

With everything going on, everyone just needs to feel happy and find something to laugh at." No word if any liability insurance was purchased in case a kid gets a king-size Snickers bar to the face.

The Mak family's invention comes at a time when experts are advising families to be mindful of social distancing guidelines during the Halloween season.

One alternative and safe way to celebrate this year is "trunk or treat," according to Rutgers-Camden professor and researcher Cindy Dell Clark.

“This is an automatic social distancing to give out treats from the car and it’s also something that communities could organize,” Clark told KYW. “Say kids who all go to a certain school and are going to school online could organize a trunk or treat in the school parking lot.”

Psychotherapist and behavioral specialist Dr. Steven Rosenberg also told the outlet that parents should be mindful of children's challenges facing the pandemic this year.

“Show a lot of empathy,” he advised. “Show them that you really feel that, 'Oh my God I am so sorry that this is canceled.' Give your child an opportunity to even grieve the situation that they are missing out on.”

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