Miley Cyrus Confirms Dua Lipa and Billy Idol Are on Her New Album

'SHE IS COMING,' we just don't know when...

September 14, 2020

Another day, another tease from Miss Miley Cyrus. This time she’s spilling deets on who we can expect to hear wailing alongside her on her highly anticipated upcoming album.

So, we already knew about her collaborating with Billy Idol, thanks to a chat she had with RADIO.COM Boston station Mix 104.1. And now, the beyond triple threat let it spill that Dua Lipa will also be making an appearance on She Is Miley Cyrus.

While this news gets us all kinds of hype, we aren’t completely mind blown. As we are admittedly obsessed with both ladies, and we consider ourselves to be Nancy Drew in training, we stay sleuthing when it comes to these two.

Which brings us to Exhibit A, a few days before blessing us with “Midnight Sky,” Miley posted on Instagram a picture of herself, Dua and producer Andrew Watt, with a simple yet taunting caption, “Dua has heard what you haven’t….”

That was all the proof we needed to jump to conclusions and as it turns out our conclusions have now been confirmed. During a call in to a New Zealand radio station, Miley divulged that both artists would appear on the album, relating the news to having a good meal at a fancy restaurant. “You know it's kind of when you go to the highest end restaurant, how they put two flavors together that you would never expect, and that’s what makes it the best.”

According to Miley, this album “meant to be played at a festival,” for it’s “magnetic quality of music” to bring people to together. However with the future of festivals and public gatherings up in the air, she isn’t opposed to dropping the album before we’re all able to enjoy it in person with her. However, as she likes to keep us guessing, she made no promises. What?! No shocker there, after all, she’s just being Miley.

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