Halsey details her journey from 'lower class' to 'the one percent' with Bernie Sanders

Why the singer and senator say greed is a big issue on the ballot, this year

October 5, 2020

Halsey joined former Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders over video chat to discuss progressive wealth reform, voting, and her support for Joe Biden to be elected President of The United States.

The “Closer” singer posted the conversation on Instagram, sharing how extraordinary talent helped her ascend from a “lower class family,” to the wealthiest one percent of Americans. "My parents dropped out of college to have me, my father is a person of color, my mother is white, and we grew up in really, really underprivileged situations," she said.

"My parents had access to medical assistance. I grew up in those scenarios. And now, as an adult, at 26 years old, I'm part of the one percent."

Her life journey curated an objective view of wealth disparity. It's something Halsey uses form her political beliefs. “Having that sort of shifting perspective has given me the ability to see things from both sides… Despite being in the one percent, I support the wealth tax because I believe that the people who oppose it are motivated by greed.”

Halsey went on to describe last week’s first presidential debate as, “arguably one of the most frustrating pieces of television I’ve had the misfortune of witnessing.” She also weaved her message of wealth equality into a support statement for Joe Biden. “The Biden administration is going to protect marginalized communities,” she asserted.

Besides political commentary, the pop star has also embarked on an acting career. Halsey is set to co-start alongside Euphoria’s, Sydney Sweeney in The Player’s Table, a new series based on the best-selling Jessica Goodman Novel, They Wish They Were Us.

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