Halsey brings poetry and style to new Budweiser campaign

Halsey is redefining what it mean to 'be a king'

October 14, 2020

All hail Halsey! The superstar is the perfect combination of steadfast and glamorous to “Be A King” in Budweiser’s new ad campaign.

On Instagram, Halsey shared the Budweiser “Be A King” concept film that wistfully documents her journey from Ashley Frangipane, who used to sleep in subway cars to the multi-platinum, megastar, Halsey.

The short film takes us through the singer’s five-year journey to stardom via Halsey’s spoken word poetry. This is the first time Halsey’s poetry is being shared with the world. “I filled my chest with the colors, and sounds, and stories I collected,” recites the “Graveyard” singer.

"I grew up in New Jersey and started romanticizing New York at a very young age. It was so close, but always felt so far, and being able to move there quickly became the goal. When I finally got there (while it was extremely difficult at times) I felt like I could finally be the artist I wanted to be and access parts of myself I just wasn’t able to in my small hometown," Halsey shared during an interview with Billboard.

Halsey, Budweiser
Photo credit Halsey, Budweiser

The artist also explains that she was honored to take on this project with Budweiser because the brand had chosen her to “break down the gender association of the word 'King' and allow me to tell my story.” She adds, “Nothing is 'required' to be a king besides self-belief and acceptance.”

Alongside the mini-film, Halsey also designed a limited edition Budweiser merch collection. Words from the poetry read in the visual piece are featured on the new merchandise and all sales from the new merch will go to the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

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