10-Year-Old Creates Plastic 'Hug Curtain' to Be Able to Embrace Grandparents

May 12, 2020

Practicing social distancing amid the coronavirus crisis can make physical contact with family and friends extremely hard.

A ten-year-old girl from Riverside, California has developed a safe and creative way to hug her grandparents during the COVID-19 global crisis. Paige Okray created a new invention called the “hug curtain," reported ABC7.

Paige came up with the idea after seeing several videos of people using blankets to hug their loved ones.

Creating the “hug curtain" involved using a shower curtain, a hot glue gun, Ziploc bags and disposable plates. The 10-year-old asked her mother to make this idea become a reality.

Lindsay Okray, Paige’s mother, said the young girl came up with the idea and laid out the creation in the family room. The budding designer spent multiple hours working on it.

As a nurse who is currently working in a COVID-19 unit at a local community hospital, Lindsay was excited to take part in the project since she has to stay physically distanced from her loved ones.

Many people are trying to come up with ways to maintain human contact, while keeping themselves healthy.

Back in April, a mother shared her story about social distancing with her daughter, who was a nurse. Being apart was especially hard for Cheryl Norton, who had been isolating herself from her daughter, Kelsey Kerr.

When Kelsey stopped by her mother’s house in Blue Ash, Ohio, to pick things up for her patients, Cheryl said that she could no longer not hug her daughter.

The mother grabbed a sheet from her laundry basket and proceeded to put it over Kelsey for a quick hug.

"I just want to know she's okay, so when I got that one opportunity to see her, I just had to throw that sheet over her," Cheryl said.

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