WATCH: Eerie timelapse shows quick spread of California fire

September 29, 2020

As wildfires ravage the western coast of the United States, one timelapse video shows just how fast these natural disasters can spread.

One fire, burning just north of Igo in Shasta County California, caused authorities to call for evacuations in the area. More than 7,000 acres have been scorched and the fire was still going on September 27.

The Zogg Fire prompted evacuations for areas south of South Fork Road and Zogg Mine Road as well as south along Gas Point corridor, according to local media outlets.

Additional evacuations were prompted for Platina Road west to the Tehama County line.

Meanwhile, the area is looking out for its animals as well, setting up animal evacuation sites for large animals at Cottonwood Rodeo Grounds and for smaller animals at the Haven Humane Society. Redding Rodeo Grounds are also taking on evacuated livestock.

According to Cal Fire, 2019 showed under 260,000 acres of land burnt by wildfires across 7,860 incidents. Cal Fire suggests creating a space in your home that is not surrounded by vegetation and other debris.

The Department of Homeland Security suggests preparing an emergency kit in preparation for the event of an evacuation. These kits should include important documents, N95 masks, and supplies to bring with you if you're forced out quickly.

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