Cheapest Places to Travel Every Month of 2020

January 2, 2020

It’s hard not to get excited about all the possibilities 2020 brings.

It’s a new decade, a new chance to finally live that globetrotting, adventurous lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about — even if your finances still look a lot like they did in the aughts.

Luckily, some 20 years into the new millennium, there are plenty of ways to track down affordable ways to travel, like the work Kayak did recently to identify the cheapest places to travel in 2020.

Rather than compare puddle hoppers to intercontinental jetliners, the travel site looked at destinations with the greatest drop in price year-over-year, highlighting the biggest sale prices to snag now. Whether you’ve got a specific trip in mind and you’re wondering when to fly, or you already know a time of year when you will just need to get away, here are the cheapest places to fly for each month of 2020.