Celebrity Siblings You Never Knew Existed

April 10, 2019

It’s National Siblings Day, which means today and every day, celebrities we love are in talks with their less famous siblings that fans never knew existed. Our favs may be in the spotlight, but some of their siblings are flying under the radar.

Here are the celebrity siblings you never knew about:

The Other Property Brother

Yep, Jonathan and Drew Scott have another sibling – their older brother JD Scott. The eldest Property Brother has been honing his creative side for years. He’s helped to build the Scott Brothers brand, as well as dabbled in improv, and sketch comedy. However, he’s most known for rocking an early 2000s-era, emo haircut for a while, and Twitter will never let him live it down.

A Secret Osbourne

Kelly and Jack Osbourne are famous for being the kids of Sharon and Ozzy – but there’s a third Osbourne out there who has shied away from the spotlight and reality TV. Aimee Osbourne decided from a young age to separate herself from her father’s career and pave her own way. She’s appeared in MTV’s 2003 adaptation of Wuthering Heights and has spent much of her time producing synth pop music under the project name ARO.

The Bonus Jonas

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas have a fourth, less publicly visible member of their clan. Youngest Jonas brother Frankie Jonas has appeared in select episodes of the boys’ Disney Channel show Jonas, but other than that, he’s pretty much done his own thing since his big brothers’ rise to fame.

Rooster and Matthew McConaughey

Mike “Rooster” McConaughey is a self-made multi-millionaire who’s taken a totally different path than his brother Matthew. He earned his first million by age 30, working in the oil fields of Texas with his father. He’s now the owner of DGM Supply, a company that works to recycle and resell used pipe.

Keough, B.J., Jesse, and Lev Novak

Okay, so Keough Novak isn’t actually real. But get this – B.J. Novak created this fake Novak sister on Twitter alongside real-life brothers Jesse and Lev back in 2012. She even gained a decent following and was seemingly BFFs with Mindy Kaling. Novak kept the sister act up until 2015 when he revealed that the account was a place for him to publish his “superficial or immature” thoughts, not the account of a mysterious Novak sister.