The cast of Game of Thrones pose with their Awards for Outstanding Drama Series in the photo room during 68th Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theater.

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10 things about S8E1 of Game of Thrones

April 15, 2019

The first episode of the final season of Game Of Thrones aired on Sunday night on HBO, and it was probably the most anticipated TV season debut ever.

Here are 10 things about episode 1. Warning: Spoilers.

10. It was a necessary, set-up episode

Some may say not much happened, but with the Battle of Winterfell expected to be episode 3, I didn't expect many fireworks in the first two episodes anyway. I'm guessing episode 2 will end with them getting ready to fight the Night King's Army in episode 3.

9. The Jon and Ayra reunion was everything we've been waiting for

8. Cersei and Euron

Cersei is going to pretend Euron is the father of her child, now that Jamie is out.

7. The Jon and Dany love story

They're really developing the Jon and Dany love story, with that long dragon riding scene. It seems to me they're setting us up for one of them sacrificing themself for the other.

6. Ayra and Gendry

There was also some foreshadowing of them developing a significant relationship at some point.

5. "You gave up your crown to protect your people. Would she do the same?"

Samwell Tarly to Jon Snow about Daenerys. The answer is currently no, but could Jon rub off on Dany by the end to change that answer?

4. I thought Bronn was going to die for a second

But instead, they asked him to kill Tyrion and/or Jamie. Remember, Tyrion once told Bronn if he was ever tempted to kill him, he'll beat the offer.

3. What the heck was that weapon Ayra asked Gendry to make?

2. "I'm waiting for an old friend"

Bran is pretty weird and annoying, but he's watching everything.

1. There's been no better character arch and development than Jamie Lannister

In my opinion, Jamie is the most complex and interesting character of the entire series. I mean the guy had sex with his sister (the show's biggest antagonist) and threw a kid, Bran (the brother of the show's biggest protagonist), out of a window crippling him and you still root for Jamie, I know you do.

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